5 US Travel Destinations Where You Can Legally Gamble

There are many places in the United States where people can go to gamble. Because gambling is illegal in so many areas, casinos tend to cluster in areas where it is legal. This leads to resort towns that are big draws for gamblers from all over the country as well as those from abroad. Here is a look at the top five US travel destinations where you can legally gamble.

vegas1. Las Vegas

Although Macau has taken over the top spot as the biggest gambling travel destination in the world, Las Vegas still sits in the top spot in the US. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to experience the entertainment. As well as the many casinos, there are lots of fun things to do in Las Vegas. Shows, dining, dancing, drinking and general debauchery are what Las Vegas has to offer its visitors. Although Macau may be more popular, no gambling destination is more fun than Las Vegas.

image from Flickr

image from Flickr

2. Chickasaw Country

Chickasaw Country, located in Oklahoma, is a hidden gem in American’s Midwest. It is home to one of the world’s third largest casino, the famous WinStar World Casino and Resort. With plenty of entertainment for the adults, Chickasaw Country has much more in terms of entertainment. It is a cultural hub for all interested in learning more about America’s Native American heritage. The Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma is the 13th largest federally recognized tribe in the United States! But it doesn’t stop there, anyone looking for great Oklahoma hotels with nearby shipping, spas, golf and family friendly activities will find themselves at home at Chickasaw Country. This isn’t just a stop where it’s legal to gamble, it’s the whole package! Continue reading “5 US Travel Destinations Where You Can Legally Gamble” »

10 Questions To Ask A Car Accident Attorney Before Hiring Them

car crash

When hiring an attorney after a car accident, a motorist can get the money he or she deserves. Of course, not every attorney will do a great job and it is up to a consumer to choose wisely. With that being said, here are the top 10 questions to ask a car accident attorney before hiring them.

1) Specialization: It is crucial to make sure that the attorney specializes in vehicle-related cases. When a lawyer has this as his or her main area of practice, they can represent their clients to the fullest.

2) Size of the firm: A busy law office will often have a hard time making time for a customer. Sadly, this is the norm in some areas and a customer will suffer. When finding a place that cares about customers, a motorist will get solid representation. Continue reading “10 Questions To Ask A Car Accident Attorney Before Hiring Them” »

Microsoft Wins Patents From Google, Should Apple Be Concerned?

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image from Flickr

Ask any person on the street about Bill Gate’s reputation, and they might throw out words such as “humanitarian” and “philanthropist” or “tech-genius.” But lately he’s earning another title: “Patent Troll.” The term comes from the practice of coming up with multiple ideas that the competition may use, filing patents on these ideas, and then suing companies who also come up with them.

Recently this has made for icy dealings between Microsoft and Google, as Gates has supported patents for products that seemed destined only to take down competitors such as Google’s Motorola company. It’s a case where products are being invented not to help anyone, but merely to generate income via lawsuits.

In fact, Gates works closely with a company called Intellectual Ventures which holds over 70,000 patents — but does not make a single product. While the company’s stated aim is to license out its ideas to other corporations, many critics argue that what the company really does is wait until its ideas exist via other products, and then sue the makers of those products. Continue reading “Microsoft Wins Patents From Google, Should Apple Be Concerned?” »

8 Strange Laws You Have Never Heard About

Laws are generally helpful in order for the safety and security of citizens. It takes a lot of effort to write a law then to have it approved and put on the books as well, so it would stand to reason that laws would make sense and be kept up to date. However, many states still have strange laws you have never heard about on their books. Thankfully, many of these are outdated and not enforced.

1. In Florida, it is illegal to tie an elephant to a parking meter without putting money in the meter. So it’s okay to use an elephant as transportation on city streets as long as you feed the meter when parking, like any other vehicle.

2. In Alaska, it is illegal to push a live moose out of an airplane. It might seem like an obvious law that no one should push a human or any animal out of an airplane. It is just interesting to think about how much moose pushing actually occurred in order for someone to feel it was necessary to put this law into effect. Continue reading “8 Strange Laws You Have Never Heard About” »

Legal Issues Still Haunting Michele Bachmann

american flafs

Troubled by legal problems, Representative Michele Bachmann has already announced that she will not run for her seat again when her term ends in 2014. This hasn’t put an end to the issues, though. In fact, another investigation was just recently announced.

Rep. Bachmann’s troubles with the law date back to her presidential campaign in 2012, when she failed to capture the Republican nomination in the primary. Bachmann is a member of the House of Representatives representing the 6th Congressional District of Minnesota. She was first elected in 2007 and quickly gained recognition for her conservative viewpoints, which culminated in her role in the Tea Party. Riding a wave of popularity following her leadership in the Tea Party, Bachmann announced her intention to run for President in the 2012 election. Though she didn’t make it far – she was never one of the leading contenders – Bachmann allegedly violated several federal laws. Bachmann did well in an early straw poll in Iowa but withdrew after finishing just 6th in the Iowa caucus.

The earlier allegation was against staff members, who allegedly moved funds from her PAC (Political Action Committee) to consultants and an Iowa State Senator. Super PACs are supposed to be independent of the politicians they represent. The newest revelation involves accusations that members of Bachmann’s campaign violated another section of federal election laws. The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the opening of an inquiry into illegal communication between a Super PAC and Bachmann’s campaign. Super PACs are outside organizations that are allowed to spend money on behalf of political candidates. However, election laws strictly regulate the ways that super PACs and politicians can communicate. Continue reading “Legal Issues Still Haunting Michele Bachmann” »

Washington State Proposing New Regulations On Legal Pot


One surprising turn of events during last year’s elections was the legalization of marijuana in states like Washington and Colorado — events that brought to light a conflict between states’ rights and the role of Federal government in determining what laws ultimately stand their ground.

At issue is a major rift between how citizens view marijuana and how law enforcement and government employees view the drug in light of the War on Drugs that has been a political issue since well before Richard Nixon brought the term into popular usage. That view has changed as more citizens have had experience with marijuana, with many suggesting that its effects do not merit the strenuous enforcement of law against users that equate marijuana with harder drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine — even while the dangers of legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol are made more evident through scientific study.

Continue reading “Washington State Proposing New Regulations On Legal Pot” »